Top Flight Corporation is the first company In Bangladesh of its kind pioneering the concept of ONE STOP SUPPLY MANAGEMENT SOLUTION.

The visionary members of Top Flight Corporation Team have added value through their supply management expertise to leading multinationals in Bangladesh for more than a decade. Now, they have joined hands to bring in the multi-sector Supply Management Expertise under one roof.

our vision

What is a good way to build up a successful business from nothing and have fun doing it? The import/export business may be your answer. Not only does it require little financial investment to start, but it offers the prestige of working with clients from all over the world.

You don't need previous experience in the field, but you should have a good head for organizing. Fulfilling a successful import/export business requires constant attention to little details. Do you know some local manufacturers looking for ways to increase their market for the goods they make? Or are you planning a trip abroad and want to make some contacts for setting up a business?

Trading Partner:

>>> Supplier performance management is a critical initiative in supply chain governance for organizations dealing with multiple suppliers. Top Flight Corporation plays with this obstacle through Monitoring supplier performance and driving quality and service improvements. Companies in service industry such as banking, financial services and IT have also started realizing significant advantages in sourcing good and services from multiple suppliers while benefiting through improved pricing and enhanced services depending on Top Flight Corporation.

Core Services

  • Women Shoes Wholesale
  • Women Bag Wholesale
  • Sort Heel
  • High Heel
  • Pumpy Shoes
  • Foam Sandel
  • ladies shoe‎‎s
  • N.B.S GLOBAL TRADE is essentially a supply chain mobility company revolving around the optimisation of supply chain processes and vehicle fleets with a strong IT focus and technology underpin.

  • The N.B.S GLOBAL TRADE Supply Chain division combines operational excellence with powerful technology and ongoing innovation to create dynamic supply chain solutions that deliver enhanced profitability and efficiency to its clients.